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Some one searching for Realtor on Google Search Lafayette, LA

GP7A News: Realtors Now Available on For Sale By Owner Company

Published 3.20.2017 by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Real Estate | Realtors | United States | Consumer Protection | Home Buying & Selling | Low Mortgages | Scams | Predatory Lending Schemes | What | 2008 Financial Disaster | 10 years later |

"GP7A News: Looking, for Realtors? Now, Realtors are available on "For Sale By Owner Company" world headquarters, located, inside the "Equitable Building", in the "City and County of Denver". GP7A News and Real Estate, needing Realtors, in the United States. For Sale By Owner Company (FSBOC). Is a Consumer Protection information company for Home Buying & Selling? And for those home buyers, looking, or needing, low cost mortgages. For their home purchase. New Low Mortgages for 1st time buyers.


"Lafayette News: FSBOC is proud to announce "Welcome to Lafayette". FSBOC is now local, in Lafayette, looking for Realtors. Or individuals, looking for work as an FSBOC Specialist.  We are a true Cloud based business. How much Money do you want to make Lafayette?  Soon, in the future, FSBOC, will soon, automate their partner realtors, or FSBOC Specialist. One city at a time. Some times a home owner has to go with a realtor. Then you have those Home Depot type of Realtors. where the bottom line is always them. And if they can do it themselves. Or you can do it your self. Why not Pay yourselves the commissions. Or use our 100% pin pointed accuracy publishing on YouTube. By using both methods. You can now sell your home, on the FSBOC Website. And still have a Real estate broker.


You now, have doubled your chances to be seen all over the world. We use Google+ Law Authority. doing both, by marketing your home for sale with FSBOC. We can do all your Google AdWords, YouTube videos. Real Estate Agents, with experience in Realty". We also work with Real Estate Brokers, and Real estate Agents, your Future is Establishing Verified Residency with Google Authority.Trust me, this is what we do for a living. We are the "We are the Future FSBOC Internet Broadcasting Awesome.


It is of our opinion. That in most casesAlways having a realtor. Is best. There is a lot of work, when it comes to an open house. Remember, a Realtor can't be in two places at once.  By listing with us. your helping your realtor. And you could save half commission, when you bring the sale too the table. Most realtors, won't like this.  No, way, really!


Good news, for FSBOC, and the cyber security you'll need, when you entire information is listed on your home, in all Real estate. Thieves, are suing the same Technics. Looking up listings, going to open houses, posing as buyers. To learn the contents of the homes. does it have an alarm. In fact, your realtor will be all to happy, and fourth coming on the entire house, it's history. And maybe some slip, of the tongues. Mentioning you, your family, what you do for a living, and why your selling. You know, same same questions you would have if buying a home in an area, you know nothing about. Or only now the local gossip.


Either Way!

Then these open house Sockpuppet, or even worse. How about the Internet Sockpuppet can go Google Search anything else they need to know. To steal your identity. Then, take your Facebook, and people have you birthrate. And so on, folks!


we all worry about every day, and it's only going to get worse. Make sure everything you use is Verified, if you're using Google Products and Services. 

-Marcus Giavanni

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