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For Sale By Owner Services: There is a lot that goes into selling your property, or selling your home. You need to make sure if you’re selling your home would it be better for you to sell it yourself. And keep all the commission. On a Million dollars home that is $60,000 in commission.

Or you can list it yourself. And when a private individual with a licensed Real Estate Broker. Be prepared to pay 1% to 3%. In dollars, means you still made 3%. Which is $30,000 dollars.

When you look at the numbers. How long would it take you to make that much money? But you'll need all the right sector partnerships. In order, to sell "for Sale By Owner".

Remember, for Sale By Owner's Selling Homes. Is not for everyone, and you must be ready to host Open Houses. And reservation showing. This way you know who is coming in and out of your home. And no lox boxes. Security #1.

Below are images you may hover over, and see if that images fits your needs. 

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