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For Sale By Owner Company

"Equitable Building"

730 17th Street, Denver, Colorado 80202



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The producers of the Marcus Giavanni Show would like to thank "Independent Talk 1100 KFNX". For it's been a full year of broadcasting on Terrestrial Radio..."1100 AM KFNX" in Phoenix, Arizona. We are going to move to streaming Radio Broadcasting. Because we know is listing. And with terrestrial radio it could be a trap shout. Thus, the reason All Radio stations are moving to Streaming Network Broadcasting companies. We have chosen "Surfer Network Broadcasting". 

We are building a team, of special people we call FSBOC Specialist, since 2013. We are looking for professional looking to work from home. Ideal candidate would be stay at home mom, or semi working mom or dad. 

Single parents, both dad and mom. We want you! 720-383-5140

We are looking for Real Estate Brokers, who come across the client that is just upside down in their homes. And before they lose it, can now sell their property themselves. Called For sale By Owner Company. ​ Please note: Even if you choose to sell your property on your own, our through, a true Multiple listing company. Like ourselves. ​ Make sure you have the time to show your home. If you can't be there. Ask your FSBO Specialist to help you.


We are not Real Estate Brokers. Therefore cannot offer Real Estate Advice. We can how ever give you advice on how to list your home. But there is no guarantee, no matter who you chose, or the way you decide to sell your property. Be prepared for the broker who bring you a client. You may have to pay 1.5 % to 3% in commission to ofering broker.

It's better than paying 6 % - !0%; yea, some people are paying 10% commison to brokers.

Home Guides: Paying commissions

We started in 2013. And we realized

We really had something. And to jump into the middle of the "For Sale by Owner Industry Conversation".

We had no idea, how big this conversation really was. And how many years it's been going on.

This is our send website and in a few years we will be launching our FSBOC APP.

Our Mission is to make sure when a person does, a Google Search for "Sale by Owner" of homes, boats, yachts, businesses, waterfront, mountain acres, land, ranches for sale by owner.

We want to make sure you’re not getting a "Sock Monkey Real Estate Broker"

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